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Experts in pregnancy, baby & nursery PR. Influencer marketeers and celebrity collaborators.



As well as looking after traditional press office and digital PR for our clients, we are experts in creative cut through social media campaigns, the platforms that we run have reached millions of new consumers. We shape your messages together with you, follow media trends and come up with creative activity and engagement strategies to get the maximum results, in addition to this we can monitor responses and take care of any crisis.

By using social media correctly, you are communicating your key messages to a vocal and information hungry audience. Social media is something that no brand can ignore and it’s something we excel at – not just building the initial templates but creating the correct tone of voice, content and environment to make your fans and followers really understand your business and product offering.


We create simple, effective product placement programmes that produce coverage and provide a subliminal yet strong call to action. We also have a track record of running highly successful and cost effective celebrity and instagram product placement campaigns. Celebrities offer a range of personalities and lifestyle statements that anonymous models can’t provide. Their perceived endorsement increases market acceptability and awareness and eventually results in sales. And it’s not just large brands – celebrities and influencers can also help bring a small brand into the wider media arena. Our celebrity campaigns are a great example of how you can utilise social media campaigns to bring your products to life.

Nikki Fox, Founder and Managing Director

We really hope that this new agency gives us the opportunity to help other parenting brands in the way we have helped develop high profile brands such as GLTC, BabyBjörn, My1stYears and Diono with creative campaigns that cut through the competition and always guarantee coverage across the media that you know and love. Baby PR is something that has completely changed in recent years (and even recent months) and with our clients by our sides we have embraced this dynamic and exciting media environment and are able to successfully execute impactful digital PR campaigns; the climate now dictates that you need to think about what mums are looking at on their phones while they are breastfeeding 3am, or who the bloggers with the most followers are talking to on twitter. We produce original PR proposals, and want to feel like we are part of a brand’s marketing department to ensure the very best support. We work with the best in the business and always do our very best for each client, and wouldn’t have it any other way. We will reply to any emails or briefs immediately and always willing to have a chat, anything that can help us know more about your business and promote your brand we want to know. We work until we get you the results that we are proud of and always aim to increase your sales. If you are not happy we will always reassess and suggest alternatives. We want you to see us as an extension of your in-house marketing team.

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